The Pretty Things You Find While Surfing

These days I find myself regularly looking around the Internet for inspiration, ideas and, basically, just to get my creative juices flowing a little bit.

Sometimes I come across sites that catch my eye and make me think a little bit. One of those sites is this one that is called Amber zone and has a fantastic range of Amber jewellery set in silver.

There something about Amber that really appeals to me. It is a natural gemstone that is made from fossilised tree sap and is millions of years old. Sometimes Amber gemstones can hold things like insects which were trapped in the sap and over time have become one with the Amber. These gems with insects and the like are quite expensive and rare but they certainly make for an interesting conversation starter if you go out with a piece of jewellery with this in.

Inside the Amber, you’ll notice the things which look like little bubbles. These are called inclusions and our natural part of this material and no two pieces are exactly the same; each piece that you wear will be unique to you.

Anyway, take a look Amber zone and see what you think. Let me know if you think the pieces I was beautiful as I find them and I have a feeling that you will.

Thanks for stopping by and will speak soon. All the best, me.

Piece Of Children’s Jewellery I Like

Hi all

Since I last posted, I’ve been looking around for some inspiration on my jewellery projects.  And to be honest, I think I have found my ambition in life - jewellery for adults is good but I’m seriously thinking about jewellery for children.

Family members who I told this to first thought it was weird.  I’m not sure why but I suppose they’re looking out for me in their own weird way.

Why do I like kids jewellery?  Don’t know, really.  I like the idea of stylish pieces but…smaller.  When looking around I’ve found some really good pieces, even if they are a little…unimaginative, I suppose you could say.  I think the problem is that a lot of parents / friends of boys and girls all have a certain type of jewellery in mind and stick with that.  They would be all for getting different types of jewelry for themselves but their child?  Perhaps not.

That is where I can see myself coming in.  Having a range for children that are modern, contemporary and cutting edge.

It would be a big gamble but I think it’s worth it and I’ve been looking for ideas (when aren’t I?).

What do you think of this site?  Called Hello Mia and lots of nice info on children’s jewellery.  Something I found:

Obviously, it’s a children’s bangle but what do you expect from me?  ;)

I’m looking!

I mentioned earlier that I like multi strand bangles - this is an example of the type that I am really into.  9 strands and made from sterling silver - pretty and really effective.

I mentioned earlier that I like multi strand bangles - this is an example of the type that I am really into.  9 strands and made from sterling silver - pretty and really effective.

My First Post - Hi From Callum

Hello and welcome to my little blog.

What do I intend to do on it?  Well, it’s very much a place for me to put my ideas and theories into place and ask for suggestions, tips and help from the great world of Tumblr!

A little bit about me.

I’m Callum and I’m 18 and studying jewellery design and crafting.  I have completed quite a few projects and I’m excited to be doing this.

My favourite type of designs is wristwear - I like bangles and bracelets and especially like big, bold designs for example bangles with multiple strands which are interlinked but connected, if you know what I mean.  I shall post some pictures soon to show what I especially like and you can tell what type of things really spur me on.

Anyway, I will be posting regularly and would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks and all the best